Sunday, February 12, 2012

hot air balloon fiesta. a preparation for this year's zombie holocaust.

I'm serious. Who would have known that a nice hot air balloon fiesta in the middle of Clark Airfield would be an excellent exercise for the 2012 zombie holocaust? Well, I imagine zombies would end our world. The Mayans would never have thought of that because they were so concerned about their calendar. Ha!

Okay so this is how it went:

We've talked about this event a few weeks ago, during the Amazing Thailand Planning Committee meeting. The day has finally come and I've met with my wonderful friends before midnight last night, in Greenbelt, as planned yesterday morning. Oli wasn't even sure we'd really go to Clark since we still didn't have tickets. There were no more tickets in Ticketnet last night, since today, Sunday, would be the last day of the fiesta. You see, we were unprepared

That's the first reason for zombie success. We have always been warned about their existence but we are always too busy to take it seriously so we end up lacking the necessary tools to ensure the continuance of the human species.

People who wouldn't survive the apocalypse (from left to right): Oli, Ai, Kate, Connet, Jay.

Photo by Connet

When I arrived in our meeting place, my friends have just finished their coffee so we went straight to my new apartment in Makati (I'll tell you more about the apartment move in another blog entry). We rested a bit, but were off by 2:30 AM. We expected a lot of people there, but damn, they were just so many. It took us more than an hour to get inside the gates of the airfield, because we had to follow the line of people who still didn't have tickets. We, the unprepared, were ten times more more than the prepared (the people with tickets) or what I'd like to call the privileged. When the zombies come, the people with money and connection (tickets) would always come first on the line for salvation.

If the military will need people to go to far flung places to be picked up by aircraft, the poor would be dead. They wouldn't have cars to go there in the first place.

People would look up the sky because help would come from there, either from military planes or Superman.
I think it would be better if cute people are saved first, so the next generation will have a better pool of genes.
 But I think, no matter what, help will come -- from the military...


 ... commercial carriers...
...the Phillipine government...
 ...Malaysia, truly Asia (but it's more fun in the Philippines)...
 ... and from other countries around the world.

Maybe even from outer space.

When we start to fly, we say goodbye to this cruel place. Hopefully, we find an island that's not infested with zombies. A flying island would be a good idea. And by "we", I mean only some of the people who went to the airfield to be saved. Not every body can have salvation, you know.


Goodbye cruel world.
The event was so crowded and dusty. We were all tired and sleepy, but of course, we had major fun!

I told you we were tired. Look at Mr. Jay sleep.
After the zombie drill, we went to Dau to eat at Jollibee. And then we went to Marquee Mall so Oli could check out toy models of airplanes. While chatting in Krispy Kreme, a cute waiter gave each of us free donuts -- Connet ate mine. We decided to go home after that. I slept from Marquee in Pampanga to Trinoma in Quezon City. I woke up to the sound of Lea Salonga singing Defying Gravity. 

I guess we really didn't have plans when we arrived in Manila so we ended up in UP Diliman to think. We like it there because it's our home in Manila. Our real home is UP Los Banos. When we arrived in UPD, it was raining so we decided to go to Ayala Triangle to have lunch. We had pizza and ice cream.


Shucks, Valentines na nga pala.
This is me, super sleepy. Or maybe I was just sad because I don't have a date on Valentines. Lol.

Maybe I should just focus on practicing whacking a zombie.

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  1. I looooove this entry! sayang we were not able to see the balloons, how ironic yun pa naman ang dinadayo talaga haha kaya nga hot air balloon fiesta LOL. pero it was a fun-filled event! :) balik tayo next year! -lea